Acoustic Pods, Dens and Seating

The acoustic pod is becoming an ever more popular addition to the contemporary office and facilitates a private or informal meeting room within a room. Soft seating options with acoustic paneling are an informal halfway house to the full blown meeting pod and possibly is a more practical design option. The work play solutions are increasingly popular in trying to enhance team culture to build relationships and ideas. Today companies often choose either open offices or rooms, where at least a few business associates work together. It is difficult to find some place for a private conversation or meeting in such conditions. That is why we have decided to design acoustic pods, which will solve this problem, but will also provide their users with unforgettable experience.
Our office acoustic pods and seating allows employees to have a private phone or face-to-face conversation with another employee or customer in an unusual environment. Our products stand out with their unique, modern design. We want every user of our office meeting pods to feel comfortable. That is why they have soft cushions on the seating, which come in a variety of colours, and will make everyone feel comfortable. They are certainly innovative, and your employees and guests will appreciate their unique design. They will also enliven the office space.
You can select from a broad range of our meeting pods, which will make you feel as if you were not in the office, but in a cave or on the beach. The combination of comfort and relax with business meeting is certainly an innovative idea, but if you believe in this solution as we did, you’ll see that it improves work relations.