Reception Desks

First impressions really do count and no individual item of furniture is more important than the reception counter when it comes to making an immediate impact. The reception counter immediately tells your visitor something about your business; so it is vital to get a reception desk which reflects your corporate identity. Whether you are looking for stone or glass, wood veneer or coloured laminate, steel or solid surface materials like Corian, we can provide you with a reception desk which possesses the style and characteristics that you require. We have a highly experienced design team on hand to help you with all the specifications, such as size, shape and configuration and we can certainly help you design a reception desk which will give you everything you are looking for. Although we have a very comprehensive range of modular counter solutions, we are also able to make a bespoke counter to your individual requirements.

We have designed modern reception desks that will cater for the needs of every entrepreneur, who is looking for solutions that are unique and beautiful, but also practical and functional. Our reception counters combine all these features, in our offer you will find a variety of reception desks, which will for sure make an impression on your guests due to their design. They come in different shapes, sizes, heights and colours, so you can choose the one that will match your business profile and for instance have the same colours as your company’s logo.