Esedra Reception 32
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Esedra Reception Counters by IVM

Price starting from £1800  

The ESEDRA reception counter range from IVM encompasses everything which Italian design and flair is renowned for. Refined and yet simple Esedra reception counters have been designed to subltey imply sophistication and style. Combining Wengè/Bleached Oak/Ivory white counter frame panels with the counter front panel in either the same finishes or combinations with options for gloss lacquered finishes in green/red/white, there are further options of leather (brown or coffee) and textured penelope sand or clay finishes. The counter tops are available in lacquered glass Extralight White, Mocha or Red, or more simply with an MFC top in Wengè or Bleached Oak. A stunning and refreshing palette of options to give you the ultimate flexibilty for designing your new reception desk to reflect your corporate ambitions.