Café & Bistro Chairs

We have developed an extensive portfolio of bistro and café chairs so that we have a chair to suit any restaurant, bar, breakout area or café. Whether you need something contemporary or a more traditional chair, we have a comprehensive array of colours, styles, and finishes, including plyboards, veneers, plastics, and fabrics. Above all, choosing a chair that will be welcoming to new diners and comfortable should be the main focus, and here at MSL you will be sure to find something that meets those needs.

Our products stand out with their unusual design and will make every place look stylish. We have decided to move away from mass produced, typical types of coffee chairs and bar stools, and we have designed products, which are modern and extraordinary. But these chairs not only look nice. They are also comfortable, and you can easily relax while drinking your favourite coffee. These features make our furniture perfect for a restaurant, bar, café or a rest and refreshment room for company employees. What is more, our chairs are made from solid materials, they are very durable, so you can enjoy them for a long time. Our team of designers will help you choose the products that will match the interior design of your company with their style and colour. Apart from modern designs, we also have more classic armchairs in a variety of colours. Just scroll down, and you will find a broad range of products to choose from, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.