SK hoker aranz
SK lawka aranz SK223B SK H 1N 3.4przod SK H 1N tyl SK H 1N bok SK102 2N 3.4przod SK102 2N bok SK102 2N przod SK102 2N tyl SK102 2N 3.4tyl SK210 2N 3.4przod SK210 2N 3.4tyl SK 210 aranz SK210 2N przod SK210 2N bok SK210 2N tyl SK detal1 SK220 1N 3.4przod SK220 2N bok SK detal3 SK270 2N 3.4tyl SK270 2N bok2 SK270 2N 4.4przod2 SK270 2N tyl SK detal4 SK270 2N bok1 SKW aranz1 SKW b 1 SKW cz1 SKW cz2 SKW aranz2 SKW b 3 SKW aranz4 SKW b 2 SKW cz3 SKW cz4

Sky_Line Chairs

Price starting from £142  

Sky_line enchants at first sight. The dynamic and aggressive design uncompromisingly breaks the form of a classical chair. Like in the best recipe, it combines the carefully balanced proportions of the seat, the well thought-out details of the construction and the wide pallet of colours and textures. Sky_line is a composition of use comfort, spiced up with a dash of modern and courageous design. A real feast for the senses.