Solutions for Socially Distanced Offices

As we see the world adapt to the Covid-19 outbreak and thoughts now turn to our return to work there are questions that need to be answered.

How different will our workplaces be on our return and how different will they need to be in terms of layout and the provision of flexible office furniture?

It is highly likely that our return is to be phased and be gradual with levels of social distancing in place.

The notion of presentism in the workplace will now be reviewed by many companies as organisations become accustomed to teams working from home and it is likely that 100% office-based working will be a thing of the past.

What does that mean for the existing traditional office? Will open plan offices and bench desks become a thing of the past with a return of cellular offices and individual desks?

In the short term businesses will need to think immediately about how they can use existing workplaces effectively and safely as the workforce returns to work, and look at occupancy levels to ensure social distancing.

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