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Thanks to Selva's interesting range of colours, various shapes of the screens and design bases, your office will have excellent acoustic features and the amazing appearance of a modern and cosy interior. 

Selva Screens

Price starting from £360  

The Selva collection constitutes a response to the need for better comfort of work through improving acoustic conditions in open-space offices.   
The SELVA sound system comprises three collections of various purposes:  

  • free-standing screens
  • wall panels
  • suspended ceiling panels
This makes Selva a complete system that enables shaping acoustics in rooms, and, consequently, reducing various acoustic defects inside rooms.  

Free-standing screens are used to insulate against any undesired sounds. They reduce noise, protect us against any direct acoustic waves from the sound source. They are particularly suitable when placed between workplaces and for insulating sound generated by noisy office equipment.