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Available materials: Veneers/HPL/MFC/High Gloss HPL/MDF lacquered matt or gloss

Options: Storage/cable management/fabric covered panel

Tresta Reception Desk by Balma

Price starting from £2999  

The system of Tresta reception counters consists of modules with LED lights which are either straight or angular, tall or short. The sides of the counters can be adjusted to particular needs thanks to a broad spectrum of options: the sides can be either  wide or narrow, tall or short. The top and sides are made of lightweight boards that come in two universal colours: white and grey.

The fronts of the counters can be made from a variety of materials like: basic melamine board or natural veneer, matt and high-shine lacquered surfaces or ultimately, various kinds of laminated surfaces in many intriguing colours with a high shine. As a result of having connected different colours or even different technologies on the fronts of the reception counters, every piece of furniture does look unique.