Balma - think proEverything starts in the office.

Balma has always aspired to offer more than just furniture. Nowadays it is pioneer in office design, setting new standards, combining your needs for aesthetics along with functionality. Following our Think Pro philosophy, we believe in intelligent business support and this is to offer considered, contemporary assistance to the efficiency of your work in the place where everything starts - your office.

Balma. Think Pro

Our Think Pro philosophy, which we follow, has developed through years of experience. It incorporates the perspective of the investor - PRO BUSINESS, the user - PRO CLIENT, and the space - PRO DESIGN. This comprehensive approach sees the office as an effective tool and the foundation of every success. Our starting point is always the people and their work style. We study each scenario, incorporating their input and this can deliver tangible results showing that it is not just the available space that is important to us.

Experts with great passion

Our projects are created by truly amazing people who are, at the same time, highly skilled professionals. Every fine piece of furniture we make is based on their skills and abilities. We collaborate with outstanding designers and ergonomics experts – each of them contributes to the final outcome and, by doing so, makes our furniture even more unique. 


Ryszard Balcerkiewicz Founder
Michał BalcerkiewiczCEO


BALMA equals 40 years of experience in creating office furniture. Throughout that time we have developed ourselves, become more knowledgeable but one thing has ever remained the same – our passion and willingness to create unique furniture.

Our award-winning solutions!

We devote great care to the furniture we create. The huge amount of work we put into our creations and high level of our engagement have been recognised with numerous design awards.