Balma has always specialised in task furniture, and their early designs for computer desks meant the company was well positioned to supply growing Polish firms during and after transition to a market economy. Unfettered by the harness of communism Balma has flourished in its 40 years of creating office furniture. During this time, Balma has constantly expanded its knowledge and developed, but the passion and desire to create unique furniture remained unchanged.

Balma's ThinkPro

A philosophy which adopts three perspectives of the investor, client and spaces, i.e. PRO BUSINESS, PRO CLIENT and PRO DESIGN, respectively. With this holistic approach,  the office is considered the foundation of all success and is considered an effective working tool in its own right. What brings tangible results is the combination of each arrangement with human potential. Not only the space is significant for us yet above all there is always the people and their work style.


Design, Quality & Value

These are the three Balma characteristics which are the principal protagonists of their success and which run deep into the very heart and soul of this dynamic company; products with an unparalleled focus on design, built with sustainable and unequivocal quality and delivering value for money.