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Round or Square variants available.

Bricks Pavillion

Price starting from £8,599  

Bricks Pavilion.

An innovative looking space with even more privacy. Do you need to have an important business meeting or a sensitive private conversation?

Bricks Pavilion will provide the right space for this. Available in circular and square formats, with colours that are adaptable to the environment.

Bricks Pavilion comes standard with a black, wooden plinth of 40mm high and plastic glides.

Seating elements
The seating elements of Bricks Pavilion have a black, wooden plinth of 75mm high. Bricks Pavilion seating is standard equipped with a thin backrest.

Bricks Pavilion is as standard equipped with a LED downlighter connected without a switch.

Bricks Pavilion can be equipped with electrification and a table.