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Standard Options:

Two Tone Upholstery

Integrated Table

Black Steelwork


Additional Options:

Premium Table Top £100/£130 or £150 for the 2/4/6 Seater Units

Light With Motion Sensor Switch £250 or £340 for 2 seater/4+6 Seater

Ventilation £260

No Floor (removal of floor) -£500 for 2 Seater Unit -£560 for 4/6 Seater Units - The unit ordered MUST have an end wall for stability

Castors £180 - unit must have a floor and cannot be used with units with glass walls

Glass Door Wall (+50mm) £3240

Glass End Wall (+25mm) £2100

TV Bracket £160 - non adjustable VESA 1000/1000 - max screen size 42"

Non Standard steelwork colour £120

Bill Acoustic Den

Price starting from £4945  

The Bill collection is an angular range of fully upholstered dens. The minimal lines of the Bill collection create both comfort and a focal point for any interior.

Bill is a great destination to encourage both collaboration and private work.

The dens are highly customisable with options on power, lighting, upholstery and table tops.

Simple to install, the Bill dens are plug and play. They are easily relocated, so they move when you move.

The addition of castors allows the dens to be mobile, giving you even more flexibility within your space.

The dens can be made more private with the addition of the glass door front.

The Bill units are available as either 2/3/4 or 6 person configurations open sided or with 1/2 end or full walls with option of glazed doors.

Power and data units are also available for fixed units - mobile dens with castors are not suitable for power units.