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Treehouse Work Pod

Price starting from £2721  

TREEHOUSE was designed to create an atmosphere resembling children’s play: warm, cosy, safe and extremely functional. It's simple but sophisticated aesthetics formed the basis for the lines and planes finished by us to the smallest detail. A vast range of fabrics and two kinds of wood enable our customers to design the product according to their preferences. The key features of TREEHOUSE are its modularity and mobility.  Despite its size, this piece of furniture can be moved easily thanks to the mounted wheels. It is especially designed for office work. Treehouse components may be conjoined at impromptu meetings, creating a feeling of teamwork or it may stand alone to give the user a feeling of privacy that facilitates contemplation and concentration. It may also be used as a spectacular partition separating huge public utility spaces. The entire TREEHOUSE concept, it's cohesion and harmony will not leave anyone indifferent.