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Voo Voo 9XX

Price starting from £1452  

The Voo Voo 9XX acoustic seating range is an extension of the Voo Voo collection. The collection is to create places of retreat in public areas and it is an ideal solution for open space rooms, shopping center, universities, schools and libraries. The tall, upholstered backrests act as acoustically passive partition walls. They allow their users to create a relaxation zone providing high sound absorption. Owing to Voo Voo 9XX  “a private room” can be separated from a bigger space where we can engage in informal talks, focus on a project or just relax. The raw body of Voo Voo 9XX is the essence of modernist design. It is characterized by high functionality, which enables combination of sets with any seat length. The advantages of this collection are the stable, easy and fast system of combining modules as well as the possibility to choose cushions which ideally match the space to be arranged.