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The Softbox modular seating range is a fabulous modular designer seating range consisting of benches, sofas, with corner sections making it an ideal solution for any reception area or any waiting environment. A wide range of fabrics and wooden or steel legs make this a flexible range of modular seating for the discerning designer.

Softbox Seating

Price starting from £602  

The Softbox seating collection can be described in three words: softness, precision and modularity. The corner element enables the user to arrange SoftBox sets so they harmonise with the interior design. The seats seem to be supported by subtle ‘ribbons’ – aluminium or wooden legs appear delicate but they provide a stable base.

A new highlight to the collection are screens that allow division of larger spaces into smaller meeting zones. The screens soundproof outside noise and let you focus on the conversation or create a chill-out zone.