The continuous development of the Profim company and many years of systematic work have strengthened their position in the market. Our products meet the highest standards  regarding quality, design and ergonomics. Profim seating products cater to offices, open-space waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, reception areas, and conference rooms..

Inbuilt Design

Design is not simply an aesthetic it also embraces the practical interaction of the product with its user. Profim has enlisted the services of some of the world's most reputable designers including Hilary Birkbeck and Paul Brooks, together with an international group of valued designers, Profim has developed dozens of unique collections.


What enables Profim to completely monitor the process and meet the highest quality requirements are that all manufacturing processes are conducted in house like the powder paint shop, chromium plating facility, metal, and cast and injected foam processes.


Profim started trading imported furniture in 1991. The production of office chairs and armchairs started In 1994. 19996 saw the advent of the Automated production line. In 1998 for the first time, Profim attended the international furniture fair ORGATEC in Cologne. In 2000 Profim was awarded a certificate of compliance regarding Quality management systems the ISO 9001 standard. Opening our own chrome plating facility and beginning of the Top Partner program occurred in 2006. The first showroom was opened in Germany in 2007. In 2008 co-financed by the European Union, investment project "New dimension of the seat", was introduced. A significant development of G8 and G16 plants took place In 2009. We moved to a new office building is taking place in spring 2011. A new company branch is launched in Czech Republic and the implementation of the Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, all this also happen in 2011. In 2013 we open of another showroom in Germany. Rebrending the company (logo and Cl are included) occur In 2014. Participation in the Orgatec international trade fair in Cologne for the tenth time and the opening of new showrooms in Germany in 2016. Sale of Profim shares to the Innova Capital fund, which initiated the new company stage occur in 2017.