We are one of the leading producers of office seating on the European market.

Our current position is attributed to many years of consistent work and constant development of the company. For 28 years we have been manufacturing products which meet the highest standards in terms of ergonomics, quality and design.
As a team we are aware of the huge impact that our seats have on the health, wellbeing and work comfort of users. The more pieces of furniture we provide for offices, open space facilities, waiting rooms, front desks, hotel halls or conference rooms the more responsible we feel for their functionality and reliability.

To us design does not only mean caring about the style and original character of products.

Design also means that the proper interaction between objects and users is ensured. From the very beginning of the company's existence we have developed dozens of unique collections in cooperation with an international group of renowned designers.Innovative technologies and an experienced team of engineers allow us to implement even the most sophisticated forms.
Thanks to the metal department, our own chromium plating facility, powder paint shop and cast foams department we are able to independently manufacture most chair and armchair components. This allows us to fully control the process and meet even the highest quality requirement.


1991 - we start our business by trading in imported furniture
1994 - we start the production of office chairs and seats
1996 - we transform the purchased Automation Plant into the Metal Department
1998 - for the first time we participate in international trade fair ORGATEC in Cologne
2000 - we obtain a certificate of compliance of the Quality Management System with standard ISO 9001
2006 - we initiate the Top Partner program, we start the operation of our own chrome plating facility
2007 - we open the first showroom in Germany
2008 - we initiate a new investment project called “A new dimension in seating” co-financed by the European Union
2009 - we significantly expand plant G8 and G16 and in spring 2011 we move to a new office building
2011 - we implement the Environmental Management System in compliance with standard ISO 14001, we open a new company branch in the Czech Republic
2013 - we open further showrooms in Germany
2014 - we rebrand, including logo and CI
2016 - For the tenth time we participate in ORGATEC international trade fair in Cologne, we open new showrooms in Germany
2017 - We are entering into the next phase of the company development after the sale of Profim shares to Innova Capital Fund Trust