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Upholstery: Fabric

Mushroom Chair from Artifort

Price starting from £1369  

Designer Pierre Paulin distinguished himself with this armchair in the original shape, bright colours and revolutionary manufacturing technique for the time. The idea for the Mushroom came to Pierre Paulin while he was watching women, shaped and sheathed in their swimming suits. He wanted the same thing for a seat. The inspiration can be found in the beautiful curves as well as in the seamless one-piece elastic fabric.

The Mushroom is the first piece of furniture that is manufactured with an seamless one-piece elastic cover method. Its original shape will mark the furniture of the 60s by inspiring many other creations with sculptural forms. Today, the seat is part of the permanent collection of MoMa (The Museum of Modern Art in New York). The round shapes and comfortable padding are a perfect match with bright colours for an original and trendy effect.

This iconic armchair was once launched as the F562, and has been re-launched as Big Mushroom. Soft, ample, inviting and supremely comfortable, the Big Mushroom is an eye-catching armchair that makes you just want to curl up and enjoy it to the full.