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  • Yacht is available as an footstool, chair, armchair and sofa
  • The inflatable bags are durable and can withstand the pressure of 2 tons.
  • Made from highly durable sailcloth they are waterproof and designed for outdoor use
  • Light and easy to construct and place
  • Red Dot Design Award

Yacht Armchair and Sofa

Price starting from £575  

Yacht inflatable furniture set consists of a footstool, chair, armchair and sofa. Yacht seating is made of DACRON sailcloth, commonly used in yacht sail production. DACRON's component is an impregnated synthetic, water and sun resistant polyester fiber. Original strengthening stitches have been applied and coupled with the technologically advanced material, so the resulting cushions are durable and safe to use outdoors in changing  weather conditions.