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Price starting from £322  

Cylinder is designed by Pieter Jamart is the simplest form of foam seating and available in a number of standard and non standard colours. The standard size Cylinder is a 45cm diameter and 45cm tall but they can be customizable. As with all the Sixinch foam seating products there a number of finishes available; softflex is for indoor use only and is built up from 3 to 6 layers of softflex it has a slightly bumpy texture to the finish; Flex Plus is an advanced soft feel 3 layer coating system suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; Hardcoat is the final option which as the name implies a really tough - the final coat is applied on EPS Styrofoam and is rock hard for use in very high traffic areas; Fiber coating is the newest member, but only at the moment limited towards  certain cube sizes, so no complex shapes.  This is a water based coating, with a fiber, multiple layers of the patented coating, combined with every possible print imaginable, indoor usage, medium strong, slightly bumpy surface.