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V6 Office Chair by Vank

Price starting from £480  

The V6 swivel chair is a standout element that goes well with every standard and home office environment. A wide selection of upholstery and colour aluminium elements makes it possible to customize the chair according to individual preferences and taste.

The form of the chair screams modernity. Its aesthetics is a strong reference to the distinctive styling of sports cars. The shared features include dynamic lines and emphasized aluminium elements. A perforated mesh backrest with a geometrical pattern imparts a sense of lightness to the chair.

The backrest height adjustment range is especially impressive as it has been designed to suit the needs of both short and exceptionally tall users. The backrest pressure adjustment mechanism offers a similar level of flexibility. The backrest pressure can be adjusted to work well for anyone. The chair makes it possible for every user to assume the best position for working or resting with the backrest inclined at a large angle.