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String Chair

Price starting from £292  

String is a quintessence of ergonomic solutions and a simple form. It was created with a view to comfort and maintain good physical posture for it's users. Thanks to its form, light innovative structure as well as possibility of adjustment all the parameters it gives the guarantee of a healthy and secure seating. This is an advanced chair in terms of technology that ideally adjusts to the shape of users body thanks to a perfectly profiled backrest covered with an elastic and flexible membrane. Combination of this element with a synchronous mechanism gives a sense of maximal comfort and allows of socalled dynamic seating that relieves the spine during a long staying in static position. The wholeness is complemented by an attractive colouring of membranes. Thanks to this String goes together perfectly with a neutral but also with a little bit more aggressive space of modern offices.

The String collection is supplemented by conference chairs on legs and cantilever frame which thanks to application of a perfectly profiled membrane backrest provides seating comfort during long business meetings.