RS2 pink 01 A
RS2 black balls RS2 black field A RS2 piscina 02 A RS2 red 01 A RS2 inox 01 RS2 inox 02 RS3 ambient 03 RS3 Red 01 1 RS3 white 01 RS3Wood INOX front players A RS3Wood white front players RS3woodGold 01 RS3woodGold 03 RS3woodGold 04 RS3woodGold 05 RSDining 15 RSDining 16 Jaleo 02 Jaleo 08 Jaleo 07

RS Football Table

Price starting from £2220  

The RS Football table range is a spectacular reinterpretation of one of our cultural classics. The RS football table is available in a variety of finishes including stainless steel with a polyester paint finish for both the table  top structure and legs or with sturdy wooden Iroku legs, with weather resistant stainless steel for the outdoor models. It is the attention  to details which sets aside the RS Football table range such as the rubber-soled levellers, or the glass-holders for the four players. You can choose your favourite team's colours and have male or female players. Brilliant fun and team engagement rolled into one!