DREAM 4830 BI+GRACE 411 BI low2
DREAM 4803 CR low2 DREAM 4803 CR+KUADRA 1270 AR low2 DREAM 4810 low2 DREAM 4810+4840+4820 low2 DREAM 4830 BI+GRACE 411 BI low3 DREAM 4823 low2 DREAM 4830+4843+4823 low2 DREAM 4811 ST low2 DREAM 4834 AC low2 DREAM 4840 low2 DREAM 4841 ST+4811 ST low2 DREAM 4841 ST low3 DREAM 4843 AC low2 DREAM 4830 BI+ICE 850 VE low2 DREAM 4843 low2 DREAM 4844 CR low2 DREAM FAMILY BI200 NERO CR ST low2 DREAM 4820 low2 DREAM 4830 low2
Base: White/Black plus chrome/stainless steel
Height: 500/730/1100mm
Tops: Round or Square - various sizes
Minimum order quantity applies
Leadtime: c5 weeks

Dream Tables by Pedrali

Price starting from £150  

The Pedrali Dream table range is ideal to be used in bars, cafes, restaurants or even in the office. The Bold bases are available in a wide range of indoor or outdoor paint finishes, chrome or stainless steel.

Coffee, Meeting and High Bar tables available.

Available in a wide range of colours and dimensions for the tabletops.

Maximum Top Size: 

Coffee Table = 900x900mm and 1300mm diameter
Dining Table = 900x900mm and 850mm diameter
Poseur Table = 900mm diameter