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The table is available in two heights either 750mm or a 900mm poseur height table ideal to use with stools etc, the 

As lamps, we suggest Flos Aim small or the Brokis Shadows hanging lamps.

Sizes: L3200 or 4000mm - widths either 1000 or 1200mm.

Finishes: Wide choice of laminates or veneers and a great selection of paint RAL finishes.

Options include: 

Netbox 1 x power black or white

Netbox 2 x HDMI and data coupler black or white

Netbox 2 x RJ45 black or white

Netbox 2 x USB loader incl GST18 in black or white

Dock Table

Price starting from £1499  

Dock is a stylish long table with a steel frame that runs above the table. Several lamps can be attached to the frame. The combination of the frame and the lamps above the table creates an intimate atmosphere.

Dock is ideal as a table in either boardrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, a library or landing table in an office. For example in a building where no lamps can be attached to the ceiling, or areas where the lighting is not sufficient.

The first stylish black Dock tables already shine in the offices of the Port House in Antwerp. "As the name suggests, the table is inspired by a jetty", explains designer Kurt van Overbeke. "Dock is designed for the Antwerp Port House.

The company is responsible for mooring boats from all over the world. Mooring is also the function that Dock has within the office. A place where people come to start their workday. The first start-up meeting.  "In addition, the cables from the lights refer to the ropes on a dock with which boats are fastened."