Snow 301 JR BI2 low
Snow 301 BI low Snow 301 BI3 low Snow 301 JR BI2 low2 SNOW 300 303 RO GI AZ RA+SNOW 301 301JR BI low2 Snow 301 JR BI3 low Snow 301 JR BI4 low Snow 301 BI2 low Snow jr 303 RO BI+301 BI ambientata low SNOW TABLE 301 80X80 BI+SNOW 300 VE+HAPPY APPLE low SNOW TABLE JUNIOR 301JR BI+SNOW JUNIOR 303 BI GI RO low Snow 301 JR BI low SNOW 300 303 RO GI AZ RA+SNOW 301 301JR BI 02 low
Finishes: White
Size: W800/W800/H745mm - Junior version available 580mm high.

Leadtime: c5 weeks

*Min order quantity 2 units.

Snow Table by Pedrali

Price starting from £129  

The Snow table by Pedrali was designed to complement the Snow chair, maintaining the same dynamism and speed in three-dimensional shape. The table has extruded aluminium legs and a gas air moulded polypropylene top.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor, Snow table is available in white colour.

Stackable to 3 units.