Elliot 5470 TN D70MFP low
Elliot 5470T BI200 D70L BI2002 low Elliot 5470T BI200 D70L BI200 low Elliot 5470 TN D70MFP low2 Elliot family low Elliot 5473 TN D70MFP low Elliot 5474 RO400 D60L RO400 low Elliot 5470T BI200 D70L BI2003 low Elliot 5470 RO400 D70L RO400 low Elliot 5475 TN D60MFP low Elliot 5474 TN D60MFP low Elliot 5470T BI200 D70L BI2004 low Elliot 5476 TN D60MFP low Elliot 5475 TN D60MFP2 low Elliot 5473 RO400 D70L RO400 low
Base: Polished Steel/Titanium/Antique Brass - powder coat for indoor/outdoor (see images)
Height: H500/H730 or H1080mm
Tops: Round or Square - various sizes
Minimum order quantity applies
Leadtime: c5 weeks


Elliot Table by Pedrali

Price starting from £299  

The Elliot table range by Pedrali has an elegant silhouette and minimal design. The shape of the column, which transforms into an elegant and airy base, expresses continuity and attention to detail. The column is made from extruded aluminium and narrows down splitting open to form either three or four feet in die cast aluminium.

A flip top table version is also available making it an ideal table to use in restaurants, bars, bistros or conference rooms where space is a premium.

Suitable also for outdoor.