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  • Beige/Grey/Green/Red/White or Black

Min order quantity 2 units

Remind Chair

Remind, or call back to mind - a concept rendered in Latin by the word ‘re-cordis’, meaning ‘to pass through the heart’. Mind and heart have been both essential to create Remind: the heart in its creation and the mind in its production.


While evoking the soft sinuous curves of wooden chairs from the late nineteenth century, Remind’s organic silhouette recalls "something never seen before”, a universal shape able to fit into any space and style of decor. The result is an innovative polypropylene armchair, in which each element is conceived to ensure total comfort and cosiness. The breathable texture makes it airy and even lighter. Made from injection-moulded polypropylene, the armchair is functional and versatile, perfect for both outdoor and indoor spaces.