Gilda 755 H20 RS low
Gilda 755 H20 RS low2 Gilda 755 H20 RS3 low Gilda 755 H20 RS2 low GILDA 755 RS WOW 470+472+481 TAVOLI INOX 4401 LU low GILDA 755 RS+INOX 4401 LU low GILDA 755 BI+TOGO 69X69CFC BI low GILDA FAMILY RS+TC low GILDA 755 NE+KRYSTAL 4421 NE low GILDA 755 RS+INOX 4401 LU 02 low

Colours: Bleached Oak/Wenge/Black or White

Upholstery: Fabric/Leather

Min order qty 4 units


Gilda Chair by Pedrali

Price starting from £289  

Gilda comes from the idea to create a comfortable chair with a linear and soft shape. A very attractive chair is achieved with the square wooden frame and embracing soft upholstery.