Promote a creative environment with trendy breakout furniture

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When working in a creative agency, everything that surrounds you needs to be promoting creativity and innovation. There are plenty of examples of innovative companies, including Google and Virgin, dedicating a large amount of money and effort into creating an environment that will stimulate new ideas and outside-the-box thinking.

Here at MSL Interiors we know that the office environment is important for the success of the business and we offer a range of breakout furniture to help you succeed in promoting the right attitude for anyone working in your office.

Our Trifoglio by Tacchini and Puzzle soft seating, for example, come in many different colours and can be arranged in numerous forms to suit your needs. It is ideal for decorating a ‘creative room’ where employees can relax, rearrange the furniture and come up with the new breakthrough ideas you need.

Additionally, if some of your employees require a quieter place to focus and develop new ideas, our Box Sofa would be the ideal place to get comfortable and separate yourself from the surrounding noise and movement. Available in many colours, we are sure we have the right match for your office.

If you too want to encourage creativity in your agency, why not give MSL a ring today and our friendly team will be happy to help you choose the perfect breakout furniture.

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