New Year – New chance to improve your business with new furniture

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A successful business means being representative in every touchpoint your clients might have with your brand. This includes the furniture you choose for your office in addition to any money you invest in other marketing channels such as TV, outdoor advertising and ensuring you have a digital presence.


In fact, this is not the whole picture. A brand identity is created not only from the obvious channels that speak to your customers directly, but also from things such as the dress code of your employees and office interior etc.


If you are an investment banker for example it would not be acceptable to go to work with anything but a dark suit and tie, black shoes and a light shirt. On the other hand, if you wear those clothes while being an art designer in an advertising agency, people would assume you are not right for the job.


It is similar in an office environment as the interior can speak volumes about your business. Let’s assume you are an investment banking company. It would not be professional and corporate enough for you to have a slide in the office, colourful walls or a ‘fun’ zone, where everybody can relax. On the other hand, an advertising agency will benefit from having all of the above, because it will improve everybody’s creativity and just make everyone enjoy their time in work.

So if your company does not actually represent the brand identity you want to convey, maybe it is time to change this. MSL Interiors understand the need for individuality in every company and we have created a collection of various office furniture solutions and accessories that will fit every office and deliver the correct message to your customers.


Our EKO desk would perfectly suit those looking for a more corporate image, and at the same time help you from a budgetary perspective.  The O-em and L-em desks in a combination with colourful chairs would bring up the spirit and represent creativity if this is what your company is based on.


If you don’t know exactly what you want, give us a call and our friendly team will help you decide based on your requirements, budget and specifications.

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