Is Your Office Trendy And Fun?

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Having fun in the office has never been more stimulated than nowadays. Modern companies have realised that encouraging employees to enjoy their time at work is vital.


One of the most successful companies – Google, have a policy which allows their employees to be working on whatever projects they find interesting 20% of their time, which equates to 1 in 5 days in a normal working week. This way employees are encouraged to explore new projects, which they find interesting and enjoy working on. Google understands that inspired workers are the most productive ones and the overall result will be beneficial for the firm (as they have proven to be true). The video streaming giant Netflix and Virgin, on the other hand, have introduced unlimited holiday leave in order to stimulate the creativity and development of their companies.


A few weeks ago the British Council for Offices Awards, highlighted the “best and most innovative” offices in the UK. Some of the participants, also highlighted on BBC News, featured firms who have invested in a ‘fun’ and creative environment. Some of them include: an architectural firm, whose office is literally floating at Cardiff Marina; a digital marketing agency which has transformed a meeting room into a ball pit; and Skyscanner’s HQ which has “doodle walls” allowing people to write down inspirations, travel tips or just advice.


Enjoying your time at work and having fun increases everybody’s productivity and efficiency. This is why MSL Interiors has introduced the Office Games range to help companies stimulate their employees to be more satisfied at work. A simple solution such as a tennis table or a foosball table installed in the office would lift the spirit of your office and motivate people to be more efficient throughout the day. The stylish designs and finishes available at MSL guarantees they are going to be the perfect fit for any office. In addition, the high quality materials utilised and detailing will ensure they will last for a long period of time and justify the initial investment.


Give MSL a call today or get a quote online and make the first steps towards a fun and efficient office and working space.

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