Inspire your employees’ creativity with office games from MSL Interiors

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Running a creative agency has never been an easy task. People working in that fast-paced environment constantly need inspiration in order to keep up the fresh ideas.

Many big companies have come to this conclusion and implemented different practices in order to encourage innovative and creative thinking. The best example is the Search Engine giant Google. Google’s famously motivates its people by thinking outside the box. Since 2004, Google has been promoting the “20 time” policy which encourages their employees to spend 20% of their working time exploring new projects. Proven to be successful, Google News and Gmail are examples of projects employees’ started in their “20% time”.

If you too want to encourage creative thinking but you are not able to afford having your employees working on different projects, there is another way you can help them relax and be inspired – office games. MSL Interiors understands the need for creative agencies to keep their employees happy and this is why we have a range of office games that will fit perfectly in your office.

Our RS football tables will be the perfect fit for your office and help your employees relax in their breaks. Having office competitions with prizes will further encourage people to get involved and enjoy their time in the office.

If you feel like you need to inspire your employees, why not consider having table games in your office? Give MSL Interiors a call today and our friendly team will help you pick the right game for your office!

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