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Every company wants their business to stand out from the crowd. If you present a unique and interesting brand online, you can’t bring visitors in to sit in a boring reception room.

MSL Interiors have a range of furniture that is practical, comfortable and interesting.
The Chaise Lounge by Artifort is a perfect example of how style can be practical and comfortable. The furniture serves its purpose as comfortable seating for a waiting area, but the colour and unique style sets it apart.

As well as seating, any tables you provide need to be similarly interesting to keep the overall theme of the room intact. The Labanca Table by Tacchnini is perfect for any reception area. While it provides a functional serves it is design to be interesting and make a space seem modern and well designed.

For a surface that will really impress any guests, opt for the Coffee Fire Long. A truly designer coffee table that not only provides a large surface but also features a bio ethanol fire to create a unique effect and make visitors remember your reception area and company.

For any advice or help styling your new or existing reception space, contact MSL Interiors. Our range of reception furniture will make your company truly unique.

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