Create A Boardroom That Matches Your Company


First things first, you’ll need a reasonable sized room, got one? Check. Next, you’ll need to furnish that room. Let’s start with the most important thing, the boardroom table. If like many businesses your boardroom is where you conduct interviews, meet clients or prospective business partners you want your boardroom table to say something about your business. Maybe you feel that your company's table should reflect its traditional values of being strong and bold yet refined at the same time. Something like The Graf. Or if you prefer the layout of a round table, similar to the type you would often see world leaders surrounding then maybe The City.


Alternatively, you may wish to present a more futuristic appearance that reflects your companies forward thinking ideals. Why should Google have all the fun of a quirky, innovative office? Create an individual, revolutionary space where your staff can plot out and plan your company’s future. Something like The Silver range can achieve this kind of effect.


Next, you’ll need to pick some boardroom chairs, it's worth putting some thought into, and don’t cheap out, you don’t want to realise how uncomfortable they are mid-way through a 3 hour budgeting meeting. For full comfort that will see you through the long board meetings and simultaneously wow your visitors you can’t beat chairs like The Nova, style and comfort personified.


Prefer a more classic boardroom look? Not everybody likes change, luckily you can still achieve a striking first impression and the comfort and support your staff and visitors deserve with a more understated design. Something like the Una Executive is perfect for relaying that professional character you want your company to always embody.


So there it is, the boardroom, the lifeblood of any organisation, go forth and create the perfect space to match your business. If you want to talk more about any of the furniture here or about boardroom furnishing in general please call us.

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