3 simple steps to improve the creativity in your office

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Working in a creative industry is always challenging. Coming up with creative ideas that will engage your audience and your customers might be a difficult job, especially when you are doing it every day. Here are 3 simple things that you can do in order to improve the creativity in your office:

Let your employees listen to music while in the office

Working in silence might be the best thing for some sectors, however it is completely the opposite for creative minds. Installing a simple sound system in your office and letting people choose the music they want to listen to every day might help improve the mood and inspire new ideas.

Invest in colourful Breakout Furniture

Doing the same job every day might get a bit repetitive and reduce originality. It is important for everyone to be able to escape the everyday tasks and clear their minds when the job gets stressful. A good way of encouraging creativity in a relaxed environment is by investing in breakout furniture. Why not consider having a room with colourful chairs or beanbags? It can be the solution for both having an ‘escape room’ and a ‘creative room’ for everyone in the office.

Encourage office games

Work is where we spend most of our time of the day. The people we work with become our friends and sometimes know even more about our day-to-day struggles than our own family. However, there are many offices where communication between colleagues might not be on this level.

A good way of breaking the ice and encouraging people to be friends and spend some time together outside the normal work tasks is to have some office games. You would be surprised how much fun can a Table tennis or a Foosball table in the spare room be. And after all, having fun is the thing that will help creativity most!


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