Vank Furniture

Get to know VANK!

The absolute quality of our everyday life is fundamentally determined by material culture and the applied art arising from the passion of creation. For 20 years Vank has been creating highly advanced ergonomic office chairs and developing seating solutions. The company's projects are based on a modern Polish design. What's more, Vank identifies itself with the achievements of modernism and we are in favor of the decalogue of Dieter Rams' good design. Vank received the Red Dot Design Award in 2012 for the WOODI chair design.

VANK products are of high quality. Architects work on our projects from the beginning to the end, therefore they carry parts of us. We are architects who care about the integrity of visions and for whom there are no qualitative compromises.


Using our knowledge, passion, talent and craft skills, we create furniture, objects and tangible signs in space.

Our belief and goal

Only with the use of modern technologies and sensibly designed objects, it is possible to elude from the impermanence, the ‘whatever works’ approach, and insularity. We are opposed to forms known from the past and imitation. Based on foundation of perfect craftsmanship - refined future - is our target.


We may have oversight of the entire process of the creating by dint of the following factors: a team of qualified engineers, the most sophisticated technologies, and most of all an aluminum foundry. These factors impact on bringing our ideas into effect without any agreements and with full control over the final result.

Certainly, the best motivation for further actions is appreciation and satisfaction that we receive after the completed project. What definitely increases satisfaction is our full commitment to creating new compositions. Our desire is to create new swivel and conference chairs, sofas, acoustic panels, and other compositions.


The core philosophy of the avant-garde is 'Art everywere'. We track this philosophy, producing contemporary furniture for the office, home, and public space.

We value material culture as well as independence, which is why we release furniture from mediocrity. We definitively reject imitation and backwardness. We are a Polish brand that provides contemporary work of applied art on the global market. We dedicate our work to people who appreciate expressive and clean forms as well as elaborated design. Objects that connect beauty with usefulness are our love.

We are confident that the design identity has a strong accent on the global market. Based on the best materials and modern forms, we translate our passion into creations that can meet the greatest aesthetic challenges.

We are proud of the effects of our work and we are happy looking at our products. We know that our furniture is unique because it can transform any environment. WOODI has become an icon of contemporary design, we hope that our other products will replicate its success. Moreover, we are absolutely proud that we can contribute to the development of global culture.

Developing innovative designs and putting our ideas into action on our own terms are our everyday professional challenge.


We operate in accordance with the following standards:
regarding quality management (ISO 9001)
relating to environmental protection (ISO 14001)
related to occupational health (PN-N 18001:2004)
with regard to safety (BS OHSAS 18001:2007)


The ergonomics and durability of our office chairs is obtained a certificate, as well as acoustic office solutions, have a license for acoustic performance.