The Quadrifoglio Group is an organization different companies which have a diverse range of experiences and knowledge. However, they share a belief in a common goal.

Thanks to the fact that the group combines its goals, new ideas for office arrangements are formed. Quadrifoglio is characterized by innovation, creativity, energy and ongoing research.

For the purpose of creating office furniture for the retail channel, in 1991, as a result of an entrepreneurial project, a group, establish by three founding members, was formed.

The headquarters of the company is located in the largest area of industrial furniture production. In this area, just a few square kilometers, there are plenty of furniture and furniture components manufacturers and many outsourcers specializing in various phases of wood and metal processing. Immediate market success has been achieved by producing mid-range products and specializations in melamine. The company was able to flourish and develop rapidly due to the huge deck of its vitality.

The group obtain an excellent results regarding the turnover owing to the investments in design, attention to detail and the rise in the storage surface and production areas. The new industrial plan was introduced in the early 2000s due to the constant development of the company. Quadrifoglio abandons the status of a furniture manufacturer and has become an exceptional partner that offers a comprehensive range of products in the office furniture sector. The assumptions of the plan was as follows: firstly, presentation of new products in the high-end market bracket with the Officity Business Space brand, secondly the acquisition of Karboxx company with the improvement of the NyxbyKarboxx collection for office lighting, thirdly, the completely new composition of Offisit -manufacturer of communal and office seating.


Resulting from the scrupulous combination of design, technology, materials, costs, market investigation, functionality the products of group were manufactured. Our values refer to the compliance with the environment and sustainable production. This is evidenced by the numerous certificates such as UNI EN ISO 9001/2008, UNI EN ISO 14001/200, BS OHSAS 18001/2007 and Ecological Panel Certifications. Products are tested and certified by external certifying bodies such as Catas and Fcba.

Nowadays, Quadrifoglio's products are distributed across the whole Europe because of intensive commercial activities, retailers and a network agents. Furthermore, they are presented in single-brand showrooms and in company showrooms in ale the major European cities (Moscow, London). Currently, the company leads markets with admirable results in Asia and in South America, and regularly exports to countries across Eastern Europe, the European Union, Africa, and the Middle East.

What The Quadrifoglio Group offers? Primarily, the most innovative industrial plant with an area of over 25,000 m², integrated logistics enabling fast delivery, sales and design department, which is capable of furnishing the office from A to Z, no matter if it is a small office or a large private and public room.