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New ways of working

We are passionate about the wellbeing in the workplace. More enterprising, collaborative and flexible work styles are ensured by the Nook. The idea is it to relieve stress and make people happy and at the same time increase mental health together with privacy.

@SocialHoneyc0mb writes on Twitter “I love the Nook. Really sound proof but you still feel part of the buzz at the same time!”

What exactly the Nook is?

Nook is a mobile modular huddle pod. Originally its conception was to support people who suffer from the autistic spectrum in the workplace and those who have an introverted nature. Nowadays Nook helps everyone to feel pleased and live in the harmony with ourselves, and what is more simultaneously increase space flexibility and efficiency, and create greater engagement between people.

Nooksters take advantage of expanding productivity throughout better focus; they experience even more effectual Skype and phone calls as well as hold much less successful small meetings.

Open Workspaces are improved by Nook because they prevent cooperation, communication and effective concentration.

Furthermore, Nook is aimed at large gatherings and is a replacement for Meetings Rooms which are limited. During the small meetings connections and actual innovation arise.

Nook is relevant to customers in corporate offices, to coworking spaces, along with educational community and in the event arena.