More than 2 decades ago, MDD was born with the objective of bringing a fresh breeze to the office furniture sector. Our thrill and eagerness overcame our initial fears and led us to the present day where our company has become one of the main references in the European office furniture sector. While designing, our products exceed our goals expectations since we add the perfect mixture of design, practicality and ergonomics along with the highest quality standards. Throughout the years, it has had a stunning reception from our partners and clients, whom as they are an essential part of MDD’s family, we proudly like to consider our friends. To keep this long-term friendship, we appreciate and take into account all their remarks and comments. We are always open to our friends’ ideas to fulfill their specific needs and requirements.

The abovementioned flexibility, our committed and friendly international customer service and our constant positive approach to work, have also been pointed out by all our friends around the globe as some of our strengths. Currently our products have achieved a reputed prestige in Europe, GCC-countries and the USA, where we are also established in New jersey which allows our effective logistics department to ship worldwide. Welcome to our family !

Through careful selection of raw materials, we are sure that MDD products are user and environment-friendly. 100 % of wood used for MDD production comes from responsible forestry ie. controlled cultivation, confirmed by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). Fabrics used by MDD are ECOLABEL, CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES and REACH certified and the paint used for metal elements have certificate in Health Quality. All MDD products have received Hygiene Approval which ensures safety throughout their lifecycle. Finished products are certified according to European standards PN-EN.

A special attention is paid by MDD to saving electricity. The factory continues to invest in innovative solutions, we still expand our machinery park, while ensuring energy-efficient systems and increase productivity . We make sure that office equipment has been ENERGY STAR or EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) certified to promote energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The dust generated during the cutting and processing of chipboard is purified. Special fume extractors are discharging polluted air from the production halls to cyclopacs, which stop the release of dust to atmosphere.

To protect forests we care about rational use of paper. We obtained the biggest savings through the introduction of electronic customer service system LINX , which replaced the printed orders , reports or invoices. The SAP system enables MDD to control production without unnecessary paper consumption. MDD produces also in-house packaging, adapting them perfectly to the dimensions of products, reducing waste to minimum.

MDD offers not only environmentally friendly products , but also cares about the environment at every stage of the production. Continuous investment in innovative machinery park allows to optimize the use of raw materials . All metal parts are subject to laser processing to minimize waste. Remaining waste of chipboards, plastic and glass is passed on to the recycling companies.

The logistics department is putting a lot of emphasis on transport optimization. Synchronizing the transport of the goods enable us to eliminate unnecessary journeys. By optimizing the cargo space in transport vehicles and the use of self-assembly furniture, we can carry the maximum amount of goods. Thoughtful delivery plan shortens the length of the routes to minimum. Our modern fleet of vehicles meets the highest standards of EURO 5 emission. All these activities contribute to minimization of noise emission and carbon monoxide into the environment.

People are our greatest asset, which is why we put a lot of attention to the health and safety. Trainings and audits in the workplace are carried out regularly by the health and safety inspector. We are focused on ergonomics and functionality of the workspace and as a manufacturer of office furniture we treat our employees as the most demanding users. As a multicultural company we care about friendly atmosphere and we introduce integration initiatives within the company. Our training and development program is focused on helping employees develop and strengthen their competencies. By enabling employees at all levels in the decision making process, MDD makes everyone feel responsible for the quality of the final product.

We conduct numerous community projects - among other things - cooperation with local educational care centers. We collect school supplies, we organize trips or we donate furniture to schools. We have developed an entitlement program which aims to provide pupils of children's home the opportunity to learn a profession with the idea of permanent employment. In addition, we invite students for technical classes at the factory in the Days of Entrepreneurship. They are intended to familiarize work on various work places and to help make future career decisions . We also cooperate with universities: we organize competitions for students and we enable practical placement or paid internships . We also help mothers to return to work after maternity leave.

Building a distribution network MDD puts their partners in the first place . Professional service and inclusion in a decision-making processes helps to develop long-term relationships and achieve mutual success.

MDD is a family owned business with over twenty years of tradition and a strong position on the office furniture market. Sustainable development and a clear strategy makes MDD a reliable employer and a business partner. Company qualities are nurtured and literally passed down from generation to generation.