The MDD company founded over 2 decades ago aimed to bring freshness to the office furniture sector. Overcoming initial concerns, our company has become one of the main companies on the European market in the office furniture sector. Our furniture is characterized by the perfect combination of practicality, design, the highest quality, and ergonomics. Over the years, we enjoyed the stunning acceptance of partners and customers who are part of the MDD family, whom we treat as our friends. All their comments and remarks are considered and appreciated because we want to maintain this long-term friendship. To meet particular requirements and needs, we open up to new ideas from our friends.

Our strengths include commitment, flexibility, friendly international customer service and a persistent positive approach to work. Our MDD logistics department ships products to the whole world, because our furniture is currently successful in Europe, GCC, and USA, including New Jersey.

Products. With regards to MDD products, they are user and environment friendly because we care about scrupulously selecting the raw material. We obtain the following FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certifications, which confirm that the trees used for production come from controlled cultivation, i.e. from responsible forest management. Besides, the materials that we use are certified by ECOLABEL, CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES or REACH, but also the paint used for metal elements has a health certificate. All MDD products have obtained Hygiene Approval and certified in accordance with European standards PN-EN.

Air. We are concerned with the air, thus we purify the dust that was generated during the cutting and processing of chipboard. Contaminated air is discharged from production halls to cyclopacs by Special fume extractors. The cyclopacs prevent the release of dust into the atmosphere.

Energy. Energy conservation is equally relevant for us. We are trying to obtain such office equipment that will have ENERGY STAR or EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) certificates, which refer to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency. Additionally, our factory is equipped with multi-purpose devices, and printers and computers have a hibernation process so that we use less energy.

Forest. Rational use of paper is another step towards environmental protection, namely the forest protection. The LINX electronic customer service system has replaced printed versions of reports, invoices, and orders. The control of the production is also managed by electronic document circulation thanks to the innovative SAP system. By virtue of such innovative solutions, paper consumption is strictly minimised.MDD produces packaging to adopt the size of the product and reduce the generation of waste.

Recycling. At every stage of manufacturing products, MDD remembers to care for the environment. All metal elements are subjected to laser treatment, and dust, glass and plastic remains are processed into full-value products after prior transfer to companies that specialize in recycling. Optimizing the consumption of raw materials is provided by investing in a machinery park.

Transport. In the field of transport, we also care about the environment. Optimization of transport and the use of modern fleet of vehicle that meet the EURO 5 emission standard contributes to minimal air pollution. Moreover, thanks to the synchronization of the carriage of goods, we can eliminate unnecessary journeys. We are able to carry the maximum amount of goods at one time because we do not send complex furniture, but only furniture elements for self-assembly and optimized the loading space in our vehicles. The length of routes covered is reduced to a minimum thanks to a deliberate delivery plan. With all our activities, the emission of carbon monoxide and noise to the environment is significantly reduced.

Local Responsibility. Helping others makes us very pleased. As part of charitable activities, we cooperate with local care facilities, organize trips, conduct school collections or provide necessary furniture to schools. Our entitlement program "A good start - means your first job" provides a chance to learn a profession with the intention of permanently employing for pupils of children's home. Furthermore, we run technical classes for pupils in the factory in the Days of Entrepreneurship and we also cooperate with universities by organizing competitions for students and by giving the possibility of paid internships and starting apprenticeships. The aforementioned technical classes are designed to help students make future professional decisions and to familiarize work on various work places.

Customer relationship. MDD offers primarily professional service. When building a distribution network, the company puts their partners first. What is more, achieving mutual success and developing long-term relationships is due to the inclusion of the client in decision-making processes. It is a family company whose values are passed down from generation to generation.

Employees. The safety of our employees is our priority. MDD, as a manufacturer of office furniture, provides an ergonomic and functional workplace. Our employees are treated as the most demanding users. Besides, as a multicultural enterprise, therefore, taking care of a friendly atmosphere, it is taking steps to aimed at integration within the company. Differences in customs are very much appreciated here. The intercultural integration has a significant impact on widening horizons and on enriching knowledge. The organization of employee training and development programs extends the competences of employees. The entire MDD team is responsible for the quality of the final product because every employee is involved in the decision making process.

Stability. MDD is a synonym of stability, reliable business partner and employer. It is a family company whose values are passed down from generation to generation. MDD is a company with over twenty years of tradition, which has a strong position on the office furniture market.