JMM - More Than 100 Years of History

The strong movement arose towards industrial art in furniture in Valencia, Spain where J. Martines Medina sets up the company in 1896. During the Regional Exposition in 1909, the principal efforts were introduced. Shortly after the outbreak of the First World War, internal demand for furniture in Spain is growing, and the international market is stunned. This period is very significant for J. Martinez Medina because the company begins to produce more furniture with different styles.

The collaboration with architect Gustav Pulitzer in the production of ship furniture and the rational modernization of the whole production process occur under the influence of the brothers Martinez Medina, who take over the management.

The collaboration with world famous architects, in particular, Carvajal, Colomina as well as artist such as Alfaro, Michavila, Valdes, Soria, Yturralde, Anzo has been strengthened by opening of wood and upholstery factories.

New Showroom of 1500m2 has started in Madrid in 1965. Martinez Medina is already a national master in the field of office and home furniture. With a significant use of high technology, the production is still conducted in Valencia.

In all, across Spain and in some other countries, Martinez Medina products tend to be model for big projects.

José Martinez-Medina decides to carry the business with his children and leaves his brothers. In Madrid and Valencia, a new factory with a showroom has been created to form the JMM Group. More cooperation with designers and architects has been introduced and JMM designs replaced Tecno and Arflex. On the basis of the license of some of the Cappellini international, Montina and Rolf Benz models, JMM starts distribution and production.

The production of foreign brands is paused because JMM projects and collections are beginning to acquire their own identity. The company received 'VALENCIA INNOVACION AL DISENO INDUSTRIAL' award, and several of the following projects: marcus, area 25, ideal room live to see a special mention.

The general director of the JMM company is Jose Martinez Medina (the third generation). The collection concentrates fully on office furniture and meeting tables. Domestic distribution is handled by FANTONI ESPAÑA agency that also makes an important contribution to the entire company.

Closure of FANTONI ESPANA agency was aimed at focusing on specializing absolutely in the executive area JMM company which becomes the leader in this section at the national level. In 2006 the process of implementing and planning services or products (internationalization) has begun.


At present, JMM company has trade relations with France, Portugal, Mexico, Panama, Russia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India.