Gallotti & Radice was the first Italian company that in the Fifties promoted and experimented with the use of crystal in the furniture industry.

The company applies crystal for its production and uses it in pure elegant and delicate form. The brilliant combination of crystal with other materials, such as wood and metal, makes the furniture stand out form others. In a word, the crystal is a distinctive and discreet hero of the Gallotti & Radice collection.

The sophisticated style and strong identity demonstrated by this company have been gained through the presentation of products with advanced design, experiments with new materials and new glass finishes. Collections of this company are made for the needs of Homes and Office Areas.

Gallotti & Radice is characterized as a reliable company that can set new trends and at the same time shows its historical image. The company cooperates with designers who have different perspectives and come from different environments, including Monica Armani, Ricardo Bello Dias, Pinuccio Borgonovo, Gabriele e Oscar Buratti, Carlo Colombo, Decoma Design, Luca Nichetto, Massimo Castagna.