Cantarutti's story is the result of an evolution that began in 1970, in the market producing wooden seats and furniture for export all over the world.

They continue the story with the younger generations of the family, who develop our focus on the craftsmanship, construction and creative elements. The passion for the project prevails and in the 2000s the transformation begins. Towards the goal of giving shape to our own ideas, to convey a personal vision of design, our conception of a seat.

With an uncommon, avant-garde and professional experience and an authentic love for the product. A new independent plant, which encompasses the commitment of a family who appreciate wood and design. Cantarutti becomes a brand. Designing and manufacturing design chairs, exporting them all over the world. Past and present combine to draw the future of a new name.

Cantarutti's chairs are made in Italy and the whole production process – prototyping, processing, assembly, staining, polishing and upholstery – takes place in their factory. They have invested in cutting-edge machinery and internalised a series of operations to have greater control over the product and to be able to offer our customers an additional guarantee of quality. Thousands of unfinished pieces are always available in their warehouse, ready to be processed and customised according to requirements.