60 years of experience and high quality of furniture

Our company has been active on the market for 60 years. Owing to the experience that we have built over these years, our products are characterized by high quality. In addition, we always do what we love – chairs – introducing innovations and experimenting with passion.

A variety of materials alongside with traditional steel to explain the meaning of the contemporary design concepts combining industrial production and craftsmanship from the Sixties to the present. The Arrmet company has an interesting and innovative character, draws attention to the needs of the market, creating unique and one-off collections and permanent chairs and tables for internal and external use.

Practical in use Designer furniture

Since the 1960s, avant-garde and visionary products have sought to be functional and innovative at the same time, each telling a new story.

From the very beginning of its establishment in 1960, Arrant used steel to produce furniture and thus has been ahead of its time. There was a time when Arrant was just beginning its adventure in bending pipes using the "sand filling" method, thus producing benches, seats and various furniture accessories for schools. There was a time when, present from a start, the company’s industrial slant allowed it come onto the naval supply market, who considered steel as a modern and reliable material. While the wooden furniture and chairs produced by the Italian Chair Triangle were in the center of interest of the whole world, Arrant was introducing products that are completely different. This product in addition to be innovative was also full of design and technology, therefore, it caused that this product progressively found an outlet on the community, the hospitality and residential markets.

In this catalog there are 29 collections for the international market, which, like symphony, unite, presenting the harmony of the best instruments we have.
17 designers working together with our R&D department which labours over the design and analyse the quality and functionality of our products which are dispatched straight to our own storehouse. The following production phases regular contact with our internal and external partners, industrial or craft work processes and shipment are undertaken with exceeding care. To achieve the highest customer satisfaction, our products are created in the presence of qualified craftsmen and the process is regularly monitored.

The basis for strong international diffusion are solid relationships with our clients and willingness to customise.

Our strength are primarily the readiness to provide assistance and a quick response by our Sales and Marketing team. These strong points make us able to export each year to 50 countries. Quite often, our indoor and outdoor products are adapted to the needs of interior designers, which allows us to produce unusual and unique compositions.