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  • Blow is available as an armchair, sofa and footstool
  • The inflatable bags are durable and can withstand the pressure of 2 tons.
  • The paper bags are easily replaced and recycled
  • The "DELUXE" Blow armchair and sofa has extra armrests made ​​of Oak wood.
  • Light and easy to construct and place
  • Red Dot Design Award

Blow Armchair and Sofa

Price starting from £324  

The Blow armchair and sofa range is constructed from of 100%  recyclable paper inflatable bags. You can dawdle and doodle on your armchair and sofa! If the cover gets dirty it is easy and inexpensive to replace it.

The Blow armchair and sofa like most iconic furniture is a simple design. It is however robustly constructed utilising nothing more than flat packed leg frame and bag which makes it very easy to transport. To use it, assemble the leg frame and Blow it up it and take a comfortable seat!