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Mello Acoustic Pods by Vank

Price starting from £7759  

The family of Vank Mello acoustic pods works perfectly in both office environments and public spaces, acting as an oasis of silence and offering effective sound insulation. The pods make it possible to relax, collect one's thoughts, or concentrate during an important phone call.

Mello pods may be used as office phone booths, as spaces to relax for a brief moment and gather one’s thoughts, but also as places suitable for meetings or video conferences held in smaller groups. They come in options for 1, 4, and 6 person. The option for 1 person comes with a shelf, and those for 4 and 6 persons offer a table (high or low).

The body of the pod is upholstered with sound absorbing fabrics, just like the floor covering. Additional soundproofing is ensured by the employment of high quality glass. The standard equipment of Vank Mello pods include: an LED lighting system, a ventilation system, and a media port.

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