LOGICO TL 180X90+ARA 315 GA 02 low
LOGICO TL 180X90 low LOGICO TL 180X90 02 low LOGICO TL 180X90+ARA 315 GA 02 low2 LOGICO TL 180X90+ARA 315 GA low LOGICO TL 140x80+ICE 810 low
Legs: White/Black/Brushed Steel
Tops: Glass/White or Black
Sizes: W790xW790/W890xW890/L1390xW790/L1790xW890 - H740mm
Leadtime: c5 weeks


Logico Table by Pedrali

Price starting from £519  

The Pedrali Logico Table is a stylish contemporary table featuring clean lines and a simple design. The frame is made from brushed stainless steel, with the legs oriented at a 45 degree angle and directed toward the centre of the table. The top is available in either frosted glass top (tempered) or a solid compact laminate top.