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Zip Chairs

Price starting from £111  

Products from ZIP collection constitute the most purchased conference and canteen chairs on offer. A light and dynamic form, flexible functionality, provide comfort in every-day use. Into the composition of ZIP collection enter chairs with low and high backrest, on 4-leg or cantilever frame with or without armrests. A complement of the collection is a bench with 2-5 seats. An important feature of the bench is the backrest that does not stick to the wall of the waiting room. An interesting solution is the model ZP 221 which thanks to a special construction of the armrests can be hung on the table top and serve as a chair for canteens.

The ZIP range of functionality meets the expectations of people that look for chairs not only for conference halls, but also for trainings rooms, waiting rooms and canteens. The possibility of stacking, row linking and the addition of writing tables, constitute usable values that satisfy demands of every user.