Jil 520 W G642 low
Jil 520 W G643 low Jil 521 W G64 low Jil 520 W G642 low2 Jil 520 W G64 low Jil 521 W G644 low Jil 521 W G642 low Jil 521 W G643 low Jil 520 W G644 low Jil 525 BI H343 low Jil 525 W G643 low Jil 525 W G644 low Jil 525 W G642 low Jil 525 W G64 low Jil 525 BI H34 low Jil 525 BI H342 low JIL 521 525 W G64+CODE MG MVG+L001CW TR low JIL 521 W+H34 AMBIENTATA low JIL 525 W+G64+INOX 4402 NE low Jil 525 W G645 low JIL FAMILY W+G66 G68 low Jil 525 W G646 low

Colours: Bleached Oak/Wenge Tobacco/Walnut/Light Grey or White lacquer

Upholstery: Fabric/Leather

Style: Chair/Armchair or Lounge Chair

Min order qty 2 units


Jil Chair by Pedrali

Price starting from £329  

Jil is an upholstered chair collection (chair, armchair, lounge chair and stool) with solid Oak frame in bleached stained, to­bacco colour or light grey stained. The wide range of fabrics, leathers or eco leathers offer great customi­zation possibilities. Pedrali Lab and the de­signer paid great attention to the ergonom­ics of the seat for maximum comfort both in upright position or in relaxed position.