Dress 530 G24 W low
Dress 530 G64 W3 low Dress 530 G64 W low Dress 530 G64 W2 low Dress 530 G24 W2 low Dress 530 G64 W4 low Dress 531 G64 W low Dress 531 TC230 W2 low Dress 531 G64 W 3 low Dress 530 G24 W low2 Dress 531 TC230 W low Dress 535 G64 W low Dress 535 G64 W2 low Dress 536 H44 W low Dress 536 H44 W2 low Dress 535 G64 W3 low Dress 531 TC230 W3 low Dress 531 G64 W2 low DRESS 531 RS+PGR+INOX 4402 AC low

Colours: Bleached Oak/Wenge/Walnut/Light Grey or White lacquer

Upholstery: Fabric/Leather

Style: Chair/High Back version available/armchair

Min order qty 4 units


Dress Chair by Pedrali

Price starting from £250  

Dress is a family of upholstered chairs that includes armchairs and side chairs, with high or low back. Frame and legs are in oak wood and the upholstery can be fabric, leather or eco leather in a wide range of types and colours.

The slenderness of the legs, which are in square section taper down to become round, and the chair lightness surprise while in contrast to the exceptional strength that make them suitable for public areas.