Elle 452 RS G66 low
Elle 452 RS G66 low2 Elle 452 RS H492 low Elle 452 RS G663 low Elle 452 RS H49 low Elle 452 RS G662 low Elle 453 GC H512 low Elle 452 RS G664 low Elle 452 RS H493 low Elle 453 W D41 low Elle 452 RS H494 low Elle 453 GC H513 low Elle 453 GC H51 low Elle 453 W D412 low Elle 453 W D413 low ELLE 452 W RS AMBIENTATA low ELLE FAMILY GC+H51 RS+H49 low

Colours: Bleached Oak/Wenge/Light Grey Oak lacquer/Walnut/White

Upholstery: Fabric/Leather

Min order qty 4 units


Elle Chair by Pedrali

Price starting from £219  

Elle chair, elegant and ergonomic, suitable for hospitality interiors. The front legs are tapered, while back legs are bevelled. Sandwich panelled wavy back, that follows tha shape of the legs. The thick upholstered seat makes the chair comfortable and suitable for prestigious locations. Available in bleached oak, wenge stained or light grey stained.