Grace 410 NE NERO2 low
Grace 410 BI BI low Grace 410 NE NERO2 low2 Grace 410 BI BI2 low Grace 410 NE NERO3 low Grace 410 RO CR3 low Grace 410 NE NERO low Grace 410 RO CR low Grace 411 AR AR2 low Grace 411 AR AR3 low Grace 411 NE NERO low Grace 410 BI BI3 low Grace 411 NE NERO3 low Grace 411 NE NERO2 low Grace 413 PGC BI low Grace 411 VE CR low Grace 411 VE CR2 low Grace 413 PGC BI3 low Grace 410 RO CR2 low Grace 413 PGC BI2 low Grace 411 AR AR low

Colours: White, Orange, Red, Green and Black.

Legs: Coloured powder coat/Silver powder coat/chrome or brushed steel

Stackable to 6 units

Suitable for outdoor use

Min order qty 4 units


Grace Chair by Pedrali

Price starting from £79  

Grace, a chair with a thin curved back that embrace the arms obtaining an sinous shape. The shell is produced in glass fibre charged polypropylene, a matt, a strong material, UV beam resistant and antistatic and can also be supplied in fabric or leather. The legs are made of solid steel tube either sled base or 4 legs.

Suitable for contract use.